Visit a Rehearsal

We welcome visitors any rehearsal night. 

Rehearsals are at Crestwood Christian Church, 1882 Bellefonte Dr., on Tuesday nights from 7:00-9:00PM.  Visitors are welcome, and we encourage you to drop by! Enter through the breezeway on the west side and turn right.  Follow the signs to the church office or just follow your ears! 

The church has recently added new security. We will have a member posted at the door to allow entry up to about 7PM. If you find the door locked please go to your left down to the gymnasium entrance that should be open. Go to the end of the hallway, turn right, exit out the double doors and follow the sidewalk to get to the office area where we rehearse. (Updated July 26,2022)

Covid Protocol: No restrictions for members or guests. Masks are optional for all participants. (updated January 2023)

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